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Fresh Guacamole w/ House Totopos

Avocado blended w/ tomatoes, onions, serranos, & cilantro 3.20 per person

Chile con Queso w/ House Totopos

Anaheim chiles, fresh jalapeños, onions, & tomatoes blended w/ cheese 2.25 per person

Hongos al Ajillo

Mushrooms sautéed w/ garlic, butter, white wine & crushed chile 2.25 per person


Pickled jalapeños filled w/ shrimp & queso ranchero, dipped in egg batter, fried & topped w/ salsa española 3.00 per person


A corn/flour blend tortilla filled w/shredded chicken or shredded beef, deep fried then garnished w/ crema Mexicana, salsa de aguacate, & queso cotija 2.50 per person

Rajas de Chile Poblano

Roasted Poblano chile strips with sautéed sliced tomatoes and onions, topped with melted jack cheese. 2.25 per person

Camarones en Mole Amarillo

Tiger prawns in our sweet, savory & spicy mole sauce 6.00 per person

Chips & Salsa

1.50 per person

Hand Tossed Salad with house made seasonal vinaigrette

3.00 per person
Minimum order of 15 for all appetizer



All our entrees accompanied by made for Red Iguana Chips, house made salsa, Spanish rice, refried beans and warm corn and flour tortillas.

Minimum order of 15 for all entrees

Numero Uno


Tender chicken, seasoned vegetable, tasty top sirloin, or tiger prawns grilled w/ sliced tomatoes, onions, red, yellow, & green bell peppers, accompanied by fresh guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, and queso cotija, 12.60 per person for chicken or vegetable, 14.60 per person for steak or tiger prawns

Numero Dos

Puntas a la nortena

Top sirloin tips sautéed w/ bacon, fresh jalapeno strips, onions & fresh tomatoes, served a top our almond mole (almonds, chile guajillo, chile guero, yellow zucchini, milk, peanut butter all blended together w/ herbs, & spices). 14.25 per person

Numero Tres

Lomo de Puerco en mole de almendras

A roasted pork loin stuffed w/ dried fruit, sun dried tomatoes, swiss chard & pine nuts served a top the almond mole 16.50 per person


Numero Cuatro


Choose one of our 6 homemade and unique mole sauces tossed w/ chicken, turkey, tiger prawns, or sautéed vegetables.

Amarillo- golden raisins, yellow zucchini, Chile guajillo, & dried seasonal yellow chiles, a fiery favorite.

Poblano- chile guajillo & ancho, peanuts, sesame seeds, walnuts, oiled raisins, bananas, & Mexican chocolate, a beloved mole

Verde- fresh chile poblano, chile guero & jalapeño blended w/ pepitas, sesame seeds, basil, onions, zucchini, avocados, & fresh greens, a Red Iguana favorite

Negro- dried chile mulato, & pasilla w/ Mexican chocolate, raisins, peanuts, walnuts, & bananas, the king of mole’s

Red Pipian- pumpkin seeds, dried chile guajillo, peanuts, pepitas, onions, & tomatoes, Lucy’s favorite

Coloradito- pinenuts, almonds, peanuts, dried chile chihuacle and guajillo chiles, blended with fresh chile Poblano and Mexican chocolate.  Moles w/ chicken, turkey, or vegetables 14.25 per person.  Moles w/ prawns 16.25 per person.

Numero Cinco

Chile Verde

Tender select cubed pork cooked in our green chile & tomatillo sauce 9.50 per person

Chicken Chile Verde
(we need at least 24 hours advance notice when ordering)
9.50 per person


Numero Seis

Chile Colorado

Diced beef seasoned & simmered in a dried New Mexico chile & tomato puree sauce. 9.50 per person

Numero Siete

Succulent Carnitas

Seasoned pork cooked in its own juices w/ spices & orange pulp, and then fried w/ beer & a hint of milk. Accompanied by fresh avocado salsa, pico de gallo, and jalapeños 11.75 per person

Numero Ocho

Pescado a la Veracruzana

A delicious seasonal white fish dusted w/ flour, paprika, sesame seeds, pan fried then simmered in a flavorful tomato sauce w/ chile strips, garlic, onions, oregano, capers, & green olives 11.75 per person

Numero Nueve

Cochinita Pibil

Pork loin rubbed with achiote, vinegar, lime juice, orange juice, paprika and salt. Slow roasted, then shredded and simmered in the roasting juices. Served w/pickled red onions 11.75 per person

Numero Diez

Specialty Chile Rellenos

(we need at least 48 hours advance notice when ordering specialty rellenos) A fresh roasted chile poblano filled with one of our delicious fillings, egg battered and lightly fried, topped with salsa espanola and crema mexicana. Choose from one of the following


Chile Relleno Picadillo - seasoned ground beef, golden raisins and pinenuts

12.99 per person

Chile Relleno de Camaron - diced shrimp, tomato, onion, queso oaxaca

15.99 per person

Chile Relleno Tres Quesos - monteray jack, cotija and ranchero cheeses

12.99 per person

Chile Relleno Oaxaca - corn kernals and queso oaxaca.

12.99 per person

Chile Relleno con Calabaza - mushrooms, zucchini, yellow squash, corn and jack cheese 12.99 per person


A la Carte choices :

A minimum order of 15 servings for a la carte choices

Red Iguana House Chile Relleno

A fresh roasted anaheim pepper filled w/ queso monterrey, dipped in egg batter, lightly fried, &
served w/ our mild, flavorful salsa Española.  5.50 per relleno



For quality purposes we recommend enchiladas for groups of 40 or less. We do not recommend enchiladas for buffet lines. If you plan on eating them straight away they will be just perfect. 


Traditional Enchiladas

Shredded chicken, shredded beef, or cheese, topped w/ dried New Mexico red chile sauce & melted jack cheese 4.00 per enchilada

Specialty Enchiladas

Enchiladas Verdes - sour cream chicken topped w/mole verde;
Enchiladas Mango- filled w/ carnitas & topped w/ mango mole;
Enchiladas Amarillas - filled w/ carnitas & topped w/ mole Amarillo;
Enchiladas Suizas- filled w/ sour cream chicken and mashed avocado, topped w/ mole poblano;
Enmoladas- filled w/ refried beans & topped w/ mole negro and pickled red onions
All enchiladas topped w/melted cheese 5.60 per enchiladas


Homemade Tamales

(we need at least 48 hours advance notice when ordering tamales)
Chicken, pork, or cheese.  We suggest one of our famous mole sauces on the side or pork  chile verde to top your tamales.  5.60 per tamale w/ sauce.  


Rice and Beans

Your choice of Spanish Rice or Mexican style white rice, refried beans or black beans 2.60 per person



(we need at least 24 hours advance notice)

Caramel Flan

32.00 per whole flan

Chocolate Flan

32.00 per whole flan

Pan de Tres Leches

32.00 per whole cake


Mexican Style Cookies

7.50 per dozen


An Assortment of Individual Desserts

Caramel flan, tres leches and chocolate flan for 4.25 per person


Margarita Service

We provide our fresh home-made margarita mix, limes, salt and ice

3.25 per person


Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Assorted pepsi products and bottled waters 1.65


Housemade Agua Frescas

3.25 per person


Quality Disposable Plates, Napkins and Utensils are available upon request.